This is what we are not: We are not a corporate company, so don’t have corporate headquarters. We use London as our office space and gather anywhere we can to share ideas and develop exciting projects.

It takes a diverse set of skills, personalities and points of view to build a humming research based media business. We’re powered by our people, an energized group of young (and some old) freelance innovation activists, original thinkers, writers, journalists and passionate researchers.

Our method of working has inspired our people to expand on their skills and ideas. We hold monthly brainstorms, where we take time away from our normal work to explore new projects that give our people the freedom to think big and innovate without the fear of failing. We encourage each other to think big, try new ideas and fix problems. At The British Publishing Company everyone has a chance for success, so anyone holds the possibility of creating the next revolutionary idea.

Currently we are all developing the Power 100 brand, an exiting cutting edge initiative that highlights the very best
national and international powerbrokers. So here’s the ‘official’ blurb,